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Laptop Work

We're going live (and kicking!) for our DOF and LOF members. 

Worried you are missing out on DOF session's. Fear not - we are taking DOF online with short, sharp sessions to keep you active, moving and social during these unique times!

No equipment required. 

Join us by following these very simply steps:

1. In the day specific event on Facebook, write 'YES DOF'

2. We will send you a link 

3. Click on the link, which will launch Zoom software, tune in at the time and get ready to go!


Tips and  hints

  • Turn up early to greet your teach as normal. Any injuries should be recorded

  • Turn off phones / TV / radio / Children

  • Use a laptop or tablet with a large screen or 'mirror' your phone to the TV

  • Don't forget to dress for the occasion - we can see you!

As a small, unique community we are are dependant on you, our fantastic member's to keep going during these very different times. 

Please overcome this fear of trying something new and give it a bash. 

Any questions please contact us here or via Facebook. 

Stay safe and keep safe,

Nigel (DOF) and Tony (LOF)


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