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At it's core, Derby Outdoor Fitness is born from outdoor military, style exercises classes. Dynamic, challenging but fun for all levels and abilities, our classes give those looking to break free from the gym. 


But as experts in our field with over 10 years' experience, we recognise your training should be varied to get a complete, balanced workout. So that's why we offer different styles of classes. 

We offer 9 classes per week including group outdoor fitness, HIIT sessions, run club, yoga and indoor classes. 

Our instructors are experts in their field, delivering classes for all abilities with lots of positive motivation and technique instruction. Classes are always tailored for each individual at either a lower or higher intensity. 



Outdoor classes last for one hour and include a warm up, 40 - 50 minutes exercise, with water breaks and 5 - 10 minutes cool down - stretch at the end. 

Classes are conducted outdoors and involve using a wide area. They could use circuits, relays, body weight exercises or fitness equipment. The idea being no class is static and we keep moving. 

Your instructor will encourage you to work hard but to your ability so you can complete workouts you never thought you could before!


Taught by a qualified yoga teacher, doing yoga will mean you recover faster and get more out of your regular DOF classes.


Every athlete should do yoga. It works on strength, flexibility, balance, agility,  and overall endurance amongst other things. Oh, and it's super relaxing - in a busy world finding time out for our own mindfulness is critical. 


These are High Intensity Interval Training Classes consisting of a short warm up and a series of mini circuits. The emphasis is on working hard with minimal rest. 

Great for those short on time but who want to work the whole body, they are scaled to different abilities for everyone to take part. 


Many of our #TeamDOF are runners so to help them improve their technique, Run Club helps strengthen through drills, tips, interval training, sprint and speed work.

Ideal for any ability. 


A more traditional indoor circuit class, the classes are for all abilities and offer a change of scenery to keep your fitness training varied. 

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